Asian-ish chicken soup

Noodlesoup is one of the easiest ways to prepare a hearty meal. You cook (almost) everything in the stock, so much simpler than this it won’t get. The chicken is baked seperately as cooked chicken lacks flavour.
The light stock is enriched with fish sauce and soy sauce for a richer flavour.


  • 150 gr chicken breast
  • 1/2 tsp sunflower oil
  • 400 ml water
  • 1/2 stock cube
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/2 chili pepper
  • 1/2 tsp grated ginger
  • 1 tsp fish sauce
  • 1,5 tsp soy sauce
  • 45 gr noodles
  • 200 gr carrot
  • 1 tbs finely chopped coriander
  • 5 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 spring onion

Serves 1 as part of the Budget Challenge


Cut the chicken lengthwise in 1cm thick pieces. Heat 1/2 tsp of oil in a frying pan and bake the chicken on high flame in 2.5min brown. Turn the pieces and bake for 1.5 minutes or until júst cooked through.

Cut the carrot into 5cm matchsticks of 0.5cm thick. Chop the garlic and chili finely.
Bring the water with the stock cube, garlic, chili, ginger, fish sauce and soy sauce to a rolling boil.
Check the cooking time for the noodles. If they are done in less than 4 minutes, add the carrots first and start a timer at 4 minutes. When the cooking time required for the noodles is on the timer, add the noodles to the stock.
Should the noodles need longer than 4 minutes, add these to the stock and add the carrots when 4 minutes of cooking time are left.

Halve the tomatoes and cut the spring onion in 3cm pieces. Add these, plus the coriander, for the last minute of cooking time.
Cut or rip the chicken into pieces and add at the soup and serve immediately.