BC Week 12

Going for a bit more luxury this week. Salmon, goat cheese and two XL burgers. One filled with cheese and the other topped with bacon and a baked egg. There is fresh pasta, homemade fries and a potato bake. Luxureous comfort food all week long.

You can find the budget challenge recipes of all weeks under BC Recipes. They are linked below as well; click on the dish names at each day to get forwarded to the corresponding recipe.

As for BC week 11, this week does not provide a cost per recipe, only a total cost of all groceries purchased.

Week 12
My shopping list of this week (if I bought more, the quantity bought is between brackets):

  • Pink onions (bag of 750gr)
  • Floury potatoes (bag of 2.5kg)
  • 250gr sugar snaps
  • 500gr broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • 450gr fresh spinach
  • 500gr cooked beets
  • 250gr Swiss brown mushrooms
  • 2 Portobello mushrooms
  • 250gr fresh pasta
  • 250ml cooking cream
  • 200gr crème frâiche
  • 150gr bacon rashers
  • 105gr soft goat cheese
  • 280gr salmon
  • 500gr minced beef/pork

I spent €23.04. This includes extra onions and potatoes for the pantry. Plus extra minced beef for the freezer in case you go for smaller hamburgers.
I used the following items from my pantry this week: Dried pasta, risotto rice, stock cube, milk, 2 eggs, butter, garlic, breadcrumbs.
Plus these standard pantry items: Sunflower oil, salt/pepper, dried herbs (dill), fresh herbs from the garden (parsley, chives), spices (nutmeg, paprika).

Day 1 – Saturday
Lunch: Beetroot pasta salad
BC12-1-Beetroot pasta saladA pasta salad is a great way to create a budget lunch. Many vegetables go well with it, and add some cheese for added protein.
Pantry items: Pasta

Dinner: Pasta with salmon and sugar snaps
BC12-2-Pasta with salmon and sugar snapsStarting the comfort food dinners off very well with this pasta and salmon dish. The cream gives an extra rich flavour, while the sugar snaps keep it a bit fresh.
Pantry items: /

Day 2 – Sunday
Lunch: Beet and salmon pasta salad
BC12-3-beet and salmon pasta saladAnother beetroot pasta salad for lunch, but with the addition of salmon and creme frâiche, completely different from yesterday.
Pantry items: Pasta, dried dill

Dinner: Mushroom soup with a bacon potato bake
BC12-4-Mushroom soup and potato bakeBoth economical dishes, but filling, rewarding and comforting none the less. In case you don’t have fresh parsley, use the dried version.
Pantry items: Sunflower oil, salt/pepper, stock cube, fresh parsley.

Day 3 – Monday
Dinner: XL hamburger with bacon, eggs and oven fries
BC12-5-Hamburger with egg and friesA large burger, topped with egg, bacon and additional fries. Plus it’s within the allotted budget. If you want the dish to cost even less though, make the burger smaller and leave out either the bacon or eggs (although they do really make something special when combined.
Pantry items: Sunflower oil, garlic, milk, egg, breadcrumbs, paprika powder

Day 4 – Tuesday
Dinner: Goat cheese filled hamburger and a jacket potato
BC12-6-cheese filled hamburgerA hamburger that oozes hot goat cheese when cut open, served alongside a potato with a creamy topping. Does it really get any better than this? If you want to save a bit more, make the hamburger smaller and use mozzarella instead of goat cheese. In case you don’t have fresh chives, use dried chives instead.
Pantry items: Nutmeg, egg, breadcrumbs, fresh chives

Day 5 – Wednesday
Dinner: Portobello with goat cheese, served on a broccoli mash
BC12-7-Portobello with goat cheese and broccoli mashNot exactly a budget dish, portobello and goat cheese being fairly pricey items. However, it fits within the weekly budget. For a cheaper version, you can always use other mushrooms and mozzarella instead of goat cheese.
Pantry items: Sunflower oil, milk, nutmeg, butter

Day 6 – Thursday
Dinner: Spinach and bacon risotto
BC12-8-Spinach and bacon risottoA great way to use up any leftover spinach.
Pantry items: Sunflower oil, risotto rice, stock cube

Day 7 – Friday
Dinner: Fresh pasta with broccoli and mushrooms
BC12-9-pasta with broccoli and mushroomThe remaining fresh pasta with the remaining cream, broccoli, mushrooms and sugar snaps. Making this the perfect end to this week’s menu.
Pantry items: Sunflower oil, nutmeg

Grocery costs: €23.04

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