Cherries in Mascarpone Mousse

Cherries happen to go very well with mascarpone. The combination tastes quite decadent. I made this to combine into entremets, serving this mousse on a brownie base dipped in chocolate ganache and with a chocolate glaze.
You can use fresh or canned cherries, but I can recommend heating the cherries for a few minutes, to lose some of the liquid and stop them from leaking in the mousse.
Use in thin layers or with dessert in small portions, it is very filling.


  • 150gr mascarpone
  • 50gr heavy cream
  • 250gr cherries


If using canned cherries: drain them and slice each in half.
If using fresh cherries, pit them, quarter them and cook them on a soft flame for 5 minutes or until no more liquid comes out.

Beat together the mascarpone and cream until thick.
Stir in the cherries and divide the mousse over whatever forms you want. You can also set the cream in a bigger container and scoop out portions to serve on a pie or with dessert.