Chocolate Glaze [V]

I usually make my glazes with cream, which doesn’t respond so harshly with chocolate and gives a nice and creamy texture. Turns out that almond milk works just as well!


  • 150gr almond milk
  • 200gr dark chocolate

Makes 1.5 cup


Heat the almond milk to 40°C. I do the finger test: it should feel only slightly warmer than your own body.
Add the chocolate. If the milk is too cold, the chocolate can start separating. You can always recover split ganache by adding 40°C cream (I suppose in the vegan version, almond milk would work too, but I have not yet been so unfortunate to have to put that to the test).

Stir well, then heat the milk and chocolate together in 30sec bursts in the microwave, stirring after each time. When the chocolate has almost fully dissolved, stop heating and keep stirring to dissolve the last pieces.