Coconut Mousse

A subtle, light mousse which goes brilliantly with exotic flavours. No need to worry about the coconut, milk is used instead of dessicated coconut, so no dry bits of coconut in this mousse.
The coconut milk I use is very liquid but a couple of brands are far creamier. If the coconut milk you have is quite thick and can be scooped, adjust the quantity of gelatin to 1-2 sheets.


  • 300gr full fat coconut milk
  • 5 sheets of gelatin
  • 200gr heavy cream
  • 40gr sugar


Soak the galtin sheets in cold water.
Take half a cup of the coconut milk and heat it until almost boiling. Squeeze out the gelatin and stir this into the hot coconut milk.

Beat the heavy cream and sugar together until soft peaks form.
Mix the gelatin coconut milk with the remaining coconut milk. Stir well and then fold it in with the whipped cream.
Use immediately before it sets.