Dark Chocolate Bar – Figs and Pecans

These bars are quite simple to make, but the possibilities are endless. Here I combined figs and pecans in an autumnal dark chocolate bar.
To learn to temper chocolate, see the techniques section for more information.


  • 500gr dark chocolate
  • 5 dried figs
  • 100gr pecans

Makes 3 bars or 3-10 chunks


Break each pecan into 3 or 4 rough pieces. Roast them in a dry frying pan until toasted and fragrant. Take them out of the pan and leave to cool. If you leave them in the pan to cool, you risk burning them, as the roasting goes quite quickly once nuts start releasing their oils.
Slice the stem off the figs and cut them each into four wedges.

Line a baking tray (25 x 20cm) with baking paper. A silicone cake tin would work as well, although the chocolate bars will end up quite thick.

Temper the chocolate by heating it to 50°C, bringing it down to 27°C and then heating it back to 31-32°C. For more information on tempering chocolate, see the techniques section.
Dry the bottom of the bowl to avoid water drops falling into the baking tray. Pour the chocolate into the tray and spread it around with a spatula. Divide the figs and pecans over the chocolate. Press slightly and leave to harden.
Do not put the chocolate in the fridge to harden. If tempered correctly, the chocolate will harden quickly.
You can score the chocolate into three equal parts when it starts to set, or break the chocolate bar into rough chunks after it has fully hardened.