No-cutlery-allowed fried chicken (BC)

The best chicken is eaten with your fingers, dunked in a dipping sauce and served with rustic fries. Marinade the chicken in the morning, this way it’ll stay nice an juicy during baking. You can substitute regular yogurt or buttermilk for the Greek yogurt.
Don’t be daunted by the recipe, most of the text is on how to butterfly the chicken leg, but if you use bone-less thighs you can skip all of that.


  • 1 chicken leg or 200gr chicken thigh
  • 125gr Greek yogurt
  • 2 tbs breadcrumbs
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1/4th tsp cayenne
  • 1/8th tsp ground cumin
  • pinch of salt

To serve:

  • 1 large potato
  • 1 tbs flour
  • 175gr green beans
  • salt/pepper

Serves 1 as part of the Budget Challenge


If you’re using chicken thighs, cut this in 6 pieces.
For a chicken leg it’s a bit more work:
Slice the chicken around the joint, then break the drumstick from the thick. Slice the meat on the thick part of the drumstick to the joint, then cut the meat off the bone on both sides of that cut. Don’t go fully around the bone, you want it to stick on the back, else the meat will pull away during baking and you’re left with a wird looking curved meat and a bone sticking out (tasty regardless!). Fold the meat open flat. This causes the meat to cook evenly and quicker.
Cut out the bone from the thigh section. My preferred method is to lay the cut meat upwards on a cutting board. Push your knife in at the flat bone and cut the meat off while pushing the flat side of the blade against the bone. Break the joint and take out the flat bone. Cut the meat to the bone and cut the meat off the bone by taking it around the bone (same method as the drumstick but now you want to take out the full bone). Cut the thigh in two equal pieces.
You’ll get better at this with practice. I can recommend to keep trying, as getting whole chickens can be far more economical than buying separate cuts.

Combine the Greek yogurt with 40ml water. Place the meat in the yogurt and leave to marinade for at least a couple of hours.

Heat the oven to 190°C.

Slice the potato in thick fries and cook or steam until just done.
Combine the flour with pepper and salt in a plastic bag. Shake well, then add the potato – not onto the flour but next to it. Close the bag with plenty of air and shake well to coat the potato.
Divide the potato over 2/3rd of the baking paper lined baking tray.

Cut the tops off the green beans. Combine with half a teaspoon of oil and some salt and pepper. Place in an oven dish.

Take the chicken from the yogurt and pat dry. You don’t need to dry the chicken fully but you want to get any lumps of yogurt off.
Combine the breadcrumbs, paprika, cayenne, cumin and some salt. Place the chicken in a deep plate. Spread half the spiced breadcrumbs over the chicken. Push it into the meat, then flip and repeat the process.
Place the drumstick on the baking tray with the potatoes. Sprinkle some oil over the potatoes and chicken.

Bake for 40 minutes, adding the smaller pieces of chicken and the bowl of beans after 10 minutes.
Shake the beans every 10 minutes. Turn the chicken and fries after 30 minutes, so with 10 minutes left.
Serve with sweet and sour chili sauce and crème fraîche. You can substitute a 3:1 mixture of Greek yogurt and mayonnaise.