Smoothie bowl – Peche Melba

A thick peach smoothie, a thick raspberry smoothie. Perfect combination! This requires frozen peaches. I usually get a box of 10 which I poach and peel. After removing the stone and cutting in small pieces, they get frozen in portions of 2 peaches each. The first step in the recipe is how to prepare the peaches to freeze them.


For the peach smoothie:

  • 2 frozen peaches – see below
  • 100gr Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp honey

For the raspberry smoothie:

  • 100gr frozen raspberries
  • 50gr Greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp honey

Serves 1


Bring a pan of water to a rolling boil. Add the peaches and simmer for 30 seconds. Shock them under cold water.
Push the skin off. Cut the peaches in half and remove the stone. Freeze the flesh.

Onze frozen, blend together the peaches, yogurt and honey. Scoop in one side of a bowl.
Blend together the raspberry, yogurt and honey. Scoop next to the peach smoothie.
Top with raspberries and peeled peaches.

This is also really good with less (or no) raspberry smoothie but topped with a few teaspoons of raspberry jam.