Cointreau Ginger-Ale

This drink is based on a Cognac-cocktail I had at a food festival. There, they served a Cognac and Ginger-Ale combination with sliced ginger and orange-peel which they burned. As I thought the cognac was too strong, I created this concoction with Cointreau instead. Everybody who has tried it, male or female, has loved the drink. For a cocktail it is not overly sweet. Do be careful though, this is a drink to get drunk on quite easily.
If you don’t have the fruits, you can drink it without just as easily.


  • 1 bottle Ginger-Ale (750ml)
  • 250ml Cointreau
  • ½ orange
  • 1 lime
  • 1cm fresh ginger


Cut the orange into 6 wedges, the lime into 8 wedges and slice the ginger thinly.
Combine the fruit, ginger, ginger-ale and Cointreau in a large pitcher. Serve cold.