Pineapple Pâte de Fruit

Pineapple needs a bit more pectin to set in a firm candy which can be sliced. The picture is from my first attempt with 9.5 gram of pectin, where the pineapple wouldn’t cut nor release from the baking paper. I scraped the candy off and rolled them into balls instead. Maybe a bit less refined but they were delicious!


  • 300gr frozen pineapple
  • 11gr pectin powder
  • 180gr sugar
  • 75gr honey

Makes about 40


Simmer the pineapple with a tablespoon of water. Once soft, blend well with an immersion blender. It may take some effort, pineapple isn’t that forgiving.
Combine the pineapple purée with the pectin in a thick based pan. Bring to a boil and boil for a minute.

Add the remaining sugar and the honey. Heat to 107°C while stirring well.
Spread the fruit on baking paper in a 0.5cm thick slab.
Leave to cool well for several hours, then cut and toss in fine sugar.