Three Cheese Courgette Risotto (BC)

A wonderful, different take on a risotto. The cheeses make it even more creamy and the courgette adds a wonderful sweet flavour to the dish.


  • 1 small onion
  • 1 courgette
  • 1 tbs butter
  • 80gr risotto rice
  • 1/2 stock cube
  • 115ml water
  • 75gr Gorgonzola cheese
  • 40gr grated Gouda cheese
  • 65gr Mozzarella cheese

Serves 1 as part of the Budget Challenge


Chop the onion finely. Slice the courgette thinly.
Heat the butter. Sweat the onions and courgette until soft.
Add the rice. Toss well to coat all the rice kernels.

Add the stock cube and half of the water to the risotto rice. Shake the pan well.
Leave the rice to simmer gently, while tossing occasionally. Do not go and stir the risotto, just leave it be.
When the rice has absorbed almost all the moisture, add a bit more water. Toss occasionally.
Add water in small quantities until the rice is cooked. You may need a bit more water, or less, depending on how high your flame is and the surface area of your pan.
When almost cooked, but the center is still gritty, be very careful with adding water, you might overdo it and end up with soup (or overcooked rice if you try to cook out the water).
With this dish, you want to err on the side of caution, as it become more watery when adding the cheese. I was expecting the opposite.

The rice is cooked when the center is no longer gritty/grainy, but does have some bite left to it. When the rice is still a little grainy but almost cooked through, add the gorgonzola and gouda. Stir to combine and melt the cheese. Finally, add the mozzarella just before serving. The mozzarella will clump together if added earlier.