White Chocolate Cinnamon Leaves

White chocolate and cinnamon are an amazing match, with a great autumnal feel. Serve with hot chocolate or cappuccino.
You need a silicone (or hard plastic) bonbon-mould for 10 leaves for this. To learn to temper chocolate, see the techniques section for more information.


  • 100gr white chocolate
  • cinnamon powder

Makes 10 cinnamon leaves


Temper the chocolate by heating it to 45°C, bringing it down to 25°C and then heating it back to 29-30°C. For more information on tempering chocolate, see the techniques section.
Spoon the chocolate into the silicone spoon mould and tap the mould to spread the chocolate.

Dust the back of the leaves with cinnamon. Alternatively, you could first dust the silicone mould and add the chocolate after, but you might end up pushing the powder to one side, and not having a nice, even spread of cinnamon flavour.
Leave the leaves to harden.
Do not put the chocolate in the fridge to harden. If tempered correctly, the chocolate will harden quickly.